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Wechat in China

Today I would like to introduce the hottest app in China, Wechat, also called WeXin (微信) in Chinese. Thanks to WeChat, I don’t need to pay for expensive international calls to be able to keep in touch with my family and friends, no matter where I am or where they are. In the beginning WeChat …
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young chinese market

Ever since China opened it’s doors for business in the late 70s, change has been flowing in a rate that is unprecedented in anywhere else on earth. This rapid change has caused Chinese consumers to experience an enormous economic and cultural transformation, that shape how they see themselves, their place in the world and the …
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Weibo China

Sina Weibo is the hottest microblogging platform in China. It now boasts more than 600 million registered users and the daily active users reached 61 million in December of 2013. In the beginning Sina Weibo used to be comparable with Twitter, since they were both platforms for sharing the latest news. Users of both sites …
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