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chinese entrepreneurship

Like foreign multinational corporations, Chinese entrepreneurs see tremendous opportunity in China. However, unlike foreign entrants who often cannot see beyond China’s massive 1.3 billion-strong population, these entrepreneurs experience firsthand the shortcomings within the current system and are driven to fill the gaps. In this article we will take a look at 3 sectors that will …
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Company registration in China

A new company law has been enforced in China from March 1, 2014. In the new law, many conditions for opening a new company are relaxed. If you have a few banknotes in your pocket and enough ambition to face a market of 1.3 billion people, this article will show you how you can start …
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china adventure

Just last week I was contacted by a Brazilian importer of automotive parts, who is looking for a business partner in China. He had done his homework by googling Chinese automotive suppliers as well as searching them on Alibaba. After about a week of research, he was left with a healthy list of potential partners, but …
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