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learn mandarin in China

This one goes out to all of you who are planning to learn Chinese in China, but can’t really decide which region to head to. Our friends at LearnMandarinNow.com have done all the “math” for you and boiled it down to one simple awesome infographic. If you would like to start learning right away, head over there …
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Dog meat in China

A practice that many foreigners frown upon is the Chinese consumption of dog meat (狗, gǒu ròu). When presented with a menu, bear in mind that dog meat can also be written as 香肉 (xiāng ròu) or 地羊 (dì yáng). While for most Western countries, eating dog meat has been seen for a long time …
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China inAfrica

When you look at the world map, you may think that Africa is as large as South America, because they have similar shape. It is not. In fact, Africa is larger than South America and Europe combined. Africa is the second largest continent, after Asia. It has over 20% of the total land area and …
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roc Taiwan

1979 is a very important year for both mainland China and Taiwan. After Mao’s death in 1976, Deng Xiaoping succeeded power and started his “open door” policy. One of the most important things was the establishment of diplomatic relationship with the United States on 1st Jan, 1979. Shortly after that, mainland China started a war …
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Chinese Taxi App

The quality of public transport in China varies dramatically depending on the city, like in all countries, but in Shanghai one must admit that public transport is very good. It’s crowded all right, and during rush hour you’re guaranteed to suffer from shoving, pushing and elbowing as if the coach in front of you was …
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Taiwan and China

In 1949, China turned red. The CPC took the country and the KMT fled to Taiwan. Since then, the blue flag of KMT has never fluttered in mainland China again. Of course the CPC did not want to stop. However, the first a few attempts of taking back Taiwan by force failed, because the Taiwan …
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Demonstrators protest

It feels like we’re living Dalian’s and Xiamen’s protests all over again, as neighbors from Maoming, in Guangdong province, take to the streets to halt the construction of a petrochemical factory. The Sinopec Corp (中国石化 ZhōngGuó ShíHuà) factory would be expected to manufacture paraxylene, and while the health and environmental side effects of the compound …
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Mainland China and Taiwan

In this series of articles, the history and politics of mainland China and Taiwan are addressed. When I was a kid, I did not understand the word “politics”. So I searched for it, not with Google, but in a dictionary. I couldn’t agree more on the definition of politics I learnt from that book: Politics …
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