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China's Mobile Communication Standards

Several decades ago, Deng Xiaoping, the de facto leader of China, proposed the political idea of “One country, two systems”, to offer a feasible solution for governing China after its reunification. The principle is that Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan can keep their own legal, political and economic systems, while standing under the umbrella of …
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Company registration in China

A new company law has been enforced in China from March 1, 2014. In the new law, many conditions for opening a new company are relaxed. If you have a few banknotes in your pocket and enough ambition to face a market of 1.3 billion people, this article will show you how you can start …
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A bite of China

A teenager climbs up a 40-meter tree without safety measure. A father and his son reap corn on top of an almost vertical cliff. An old man stands in a tiny fishing boat before the storm coming. Is it a film about adventure? No. It is a documentary series about food. Earlier this year, China …
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  This is a perfect time to write something about my country and my favorite sport. Yet another friend asked me today whether China is playing in the World Cup. It has been a long while since last time I gave a negative answer with an awkward look on my face. Most of the Chinese …
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For people outside China, if they have to choose one animal that the Chinese are most familiar with, probably most of them would go with giant panda. However, there is one penguin that almost every Chinese netizen knows. It is the penguin being used as mascot in the instant messaging software, QQ. QQ is the …
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Recruiting Chinese Talents

I was once in York, not New York, but the old York in England. It is a somewhat remote little town. What surprised me there was the number of Chinese, students mostly. I did not expect to see so many of my countrymen in that place. But it reminded me that in nearly every European …
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China in Africa

I am an honest person. To show my honesty, I admit that the quotation marks in the title are in retaliation for the quotation marks added to the recent terrorist attacks (or “terrorist attacks” by dishonest people) in China on western media. For the Africa issue, I believe the western media understand the situation but …
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China inAfrica

When you look at the world map, you may think that Africa is as large as South America, because they have similar shape. It is not. In fact, Africa is larger than South America and Europe combined. Africa is the second largest continent, after Asia. It has over 20% of the total land area and …
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