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chinese entrepreneurship

Like foreign multinational corporations, Chinese entrepreneurs see tremendous opportunity in China. However, unlike foreign entrants who often cannot see beyond China’s massive 1.3 billion-strong population, these entrepreneurs experience firsthand the shortcomings within the current system and are driven to fill the gaps. In this article we will take a look at 3 sectors that will …
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Mr China Book Review

About a month ago I did my first book review here on conquer-china.  If you had a chance to read it, then you might still remember that I  talked about the 1-hour China book and how I wish it had been the first book I read about business in China.  While that is true, the 1-hour …
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china adventure

Just last week I was contacted by a Brazilian importer of automotive parts, who is looking for a business partner in China. He had done his homework by googling Chinese automotive suppliers as well as searching them on Alibaba. After about a week of research, he was left with a healthy list of potential partners, but …
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One hour china book

Over the last couple of months I have read about half a dozen of the so called “China Business Books”. Yesterday, before I sat down to start writing my reviews and opinions on each of these books, I decided to checkout what was going on on my Facebook and came across an ad for yet another “Understand …
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Online Business China

Are you looking to make money through Ecommerce in China? In this article we will focus on some of the key aspects of the largest online market in the world. China ended last year with 618 million Internet users of which 60% have said to be online shoppers, according to a report published by state-affiliated …
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young chinese market

Ever since China opened it’s doors for business in the late 70s, change has been flowing in a rate that is unprecedented in anywhere else on earth. This rapid change has caused Chinese consumers to experience an enormous economic and cultural transformation, that shape how they see themselves, their place in the world and the …
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China Automotive Industry

In the past articles, I talked about how the Chinese automotive industry became what it is today and exposed some of the advantages and disadvantages of setting up an automotive business in China. In this article, I would like to introduce to you all of China’s main automotive clusters  along with a quick description of …
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China Market Strategy

Motivations for starting-up in China Human Resource One of the greatest motivations for establishing R&D in China is the huge human resource potential that the region has to offer. In 2010, 4 million students graduated from the country’s 3000 universities and colleges including 14,000 PhDs, and more than 100,000 masters students. Aside from domestic graduates, …
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