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learn mandarin in China

This one goes out to all of you who are planning to learn Chinese in China, but can’t really decide which region to head to. Our friends at LearnMandarinNow.com have done all the “math” for you and boiled it down to one simple awesome infographic. If you would like to start learning right away, head over there …
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With China’s swift rise to prominence on the global stage, the demand for Mandarin language courses and qualified teachers is growing in just about every corner of the world. Many young professionals in the West seem to agree that speaking Mandarin Chinese will be absolutely necessary for their careers in the future, but the Chinese are …
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Chinese generations

The key to understanding China is to understand its generations. If you’ve had to deal with Chinese of different generations (socially or professionally),  then you might have noticed the gap.  While these age groups have been fraught with social changes over the past century, they also share values deeply rooted in China’s ancient culture of …
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VPN for China

Using the Internet in Mainland China has never been a fun experience. If you are a fluent Chinese speaker and are only interested in whatever is going on in China, then the only inconvenience you will have is dealing with slow connections during peak hours. But if you are like me and rely on having to …
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Managing the Dragon claims to be the first book by a westerner who built a company in China from scratch. The westerner, in this case, is none other than Jack Perkowski – a once working class kid from Pittsburgh who, after a successful career in Wall Street, decided to relocate to China. The book reveals his experiences doing business in the …
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In an effort to facilitate the international visitors’ short stay, the city of Xian has introduced a free 72-hour transit policy. As of June 1, Xian followed the example of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Chongqing, that adopted a visa-free transit policy in 2013. Shenyang and Dalian followed on January 1 2014. The policy allows …
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After working in the automotive industry in Germany for the last 2 years there is one remark I often hear Germans say about China: “Chinese can copy, but they cannot innovate“. Due to the fact that China has remained isolated from the rest of the planet for decades, it is understandable that the country’s struggle …
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brand names china

Take a stroll around any major Chinese city and I guarantee it will not take long for you to spot a myriad of hilarious Chinese to English translations that only Master Yoda could understand. As a foreigner, I cannot help it but to wonder where the creativity for these translations come from.  It is hard to imagine that …
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